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At Stucco Contractors Edmonton, we firmly think that clients’ complete satisfaction is essential. We take pride in our crew, knowledge, and most importantly – our work. We are confident that we will provide exceptional quality workmanship and will go above and beyond your expectations to the utmost degree.

There is absolutely nothing like the look of a stucco exterior. Whether on a house, mailbox, columns, fences or outside kitchens, stucco complements whatever surface it covers.

  • Low Maintenance – Unlike other exterior siding products that need to be painted frequently, or changed, stucco does not require a great deal of maintenance. To keep your stucco exterior looking excellent, use a fan type sprayer with a moderate cleaning agent. In most of the cases, this is everything that is required to remove any dirt buildup.
  • Sound Barrier – Due to the fact that stucco is applied in layers, it produces a small sound barrier that will decrease community noise.
  • Fire Resisting – Unlike numerous exterior siding choices, Edmonton stucco is not prone to fire. This can likewise indicate much better rates in your house owners.
  • Insurance coverage – yet another benefit of stucco systems!
  • Quick Setup – You can have a makeover for your house in just a couple of days, regardless of the requirement to apply Edmonton stucco in numerous coats. Because of its flexibility, acrylic stucco can be applied to either wood framing or concrete, making it perfect for any home type.
  • Color selections – You can have your stucco tinted with almost limitless color choices. Unlike other siding or exterior finishing choices, you are not stuck to what a certain company offers. You can make those choices with acrylic stucco siding.
  • Extra Insulation – Composed of lime, cement, and silica, acrylic stucco delivers extra insulation, thus lowering energy costs.
  • Expense – At $8 to $13 less per square foot than brick, acrylic stucco systems are a more affordable option for your house’s exterior.

We’re Experts At

Our specially-trained contractors are able to provide a wide range of services for all your needs

Our credibility is built on dedicated hard work. You will enjoy what we can do for you, whether it be parging repair work or a completely brand-new parging job.

Our masons have years of experience in all sort of stone projects varying from stone cladding to developing the boundary walls. We will more than happy to work with you no matter how huge or small the task is.

In today’s world, visual appeal indicate a lot. With our retrofit services, you can change the entire outside look on your building, whether its residential or commercial while remaining within budget.

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Best Stucco Contractors Edmonton

Stucco Repair and Installation

There are different methods to repair stucco depending on the stucco application. Stucco application, installation, and repairs are not a simple task to do and take time, experience, and knowledge to complete. Our team in Edmonton will offer you the very best design choices readily available for stucco and parging repair and will do the job right. Stucco has actually changed and been re-engineered gradually and there is no better time to alter the appearance of your property or commercial home. We, being a reputed Edmonton Stucco repair services provider in Edmonton remove the defective location and reinstall the stucco according to the existing application.


Caulking is a necessity when it concerns protecting your property from water and air. We particularly suggest considering doing caulking around the doorways, windows, plugs and heat vents. It is the very best option to seal gaps existing between two or more surfaces. Caulking will also assist in preventing bugs from entering your home and will likewise assist in savings on your energy expense.

Stone & Masonry Work

Stucco Contractors Edmonton offers different stone and brick applications. We provide anything from cultured stone to natural stone, from normal brick to thin brick. Thin brick is a real brick that is very finely cut. It’s truly difficult to tell the difference in between standard brick and thin brick. Stone and brick are fire-resistant and easy to maintain. Our customers utilize a pressure washer to clean up the stone or brick exterior, it is extremely resilient and lasting.


Retrofitting is a less expensive method to make your house appearance brand-new once again! We might redesign the exterior of your house with various designs of trim and finish texture. There are several methods to redesign/retrofit your house without the need for exterior demolition. We couth either scratch coat over your existing wall and finish coat it with the Acrylic surface or fix the damaged locations and repaint over the existing exterior wall. However, sometimes we are limited with what we could do depending on the existing wall condition. We could potentially need to eliminate the existing cladding/exterior demolition such as Edmonton stucco repair services, stucco, and siding removal becomes a should when it comes to redesigning your house. We offer all the essential equipment to achieve the work and improve your home’s curb appeal.


There are 3 different methods to parge your home. Regular texture over the base, skim coat and finish coat over ICF (Insulated Concrete Foundation), or pressure-treated base. To give your house a finished look and secure it from wetness, parging is a necessity for each building. There are various colors to choose from with our veranda coating service. It is actually long-lasting, weather-resistant, and might last up to 15 years.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

EIFS is a non-load bearing, cladding system which consists of numerous layers. It contains a membrane procedure, liquid-applied weather and waterproof barrier, an insulation board (insulation foam and so on) attached adhesively or mechanically to the underlying layer, a basecoat reinforced with glass-fiber enhanced mesh, and a textured protective finish coat of customer’s choosing.

Additional Uses of Stucco

Walls – Stucco is not just for exterior siding however is likewise utilized for interior walls or for developing decorative landscaping elements for example, low fences. Walls can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Mailboxes – Sick of the mailbox stand getting knocked down or blown over? An Edmonton stucco base for your mailbox not only incorporates durability but provides an ornamental element that can be developed to complement your house.

Repairing Stucco

While stucco is extremely resilient, it does occasionally need fixing. Often, stucco repair is a perfect DIY jobs. Our stucco repair contractors are a few of the very best in the business. Whether you like a real smooth look or something more textured, we can offer you the look and feel you have actually constantly preferred. When it concerns major fractures, fissures, or chips, it is best to call us. With many advantages, stucco is a useful and popular option in neighborhoods all around the Edmonton, Alberta area. If you want to learn more about utilizing stucco siding on your home, get in touch with our team, and schedule an appointment. We would enjoy meeting you and assist you to discover how having a stucco exterior can enhance your home. Contact a stucco contractor that has your interest in mind, call us today! We offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients are satisfied, we can get stucco painting done for you via one of our sister companies, residential and commercial stucco services, Eifs and acrylic stucco, parging, stucco application, new stucco, masonry, quality exteriors, and retrofitting. We’re the leading As a leading Stucco contractor and Brick & Stone Masonry Contractor serving Edmonton and the surrounding area, we deal with both commercial and residential stucco, brick & masonry repair.

– We offer fast, reliable, and affordable same-day stucco repair services to both residential and commercial clients. As an exterior renovations company, we use only the highest quality of materials and the best workmanship on your property.
– As one of the best local stucco companies, we’re highly-reviewed and offer free estimates to ensure you know the costs of our services before we even begin.
– As licensed and certified stucco repair professionals, we offer trusted solutions. Contact us today for a free quote. Our recommended stucco company is insured and bonded. Feel free to also ask about our financing options (we can also work with your insurance company to get the job done right the first time).
– Our emergency experts are always quick to reply your calls and fix any damage such as cracks that might have occurred, no matter how big or small. Feel free to check out some of our reviews to know why we’re among the top preferred stucco services providers.
– Contact a stucco contractor that treats your property like their own. When searching for Professional stucco contractors near me, be sure to give Stucco Contractors Edmonton a call, as we are always ready to handle any stucco, eifs, acrylic masonry & parging work that might come our way as we strive to do quality work all the time. We offer acrylic stucco Edmonton, nw Edmonton ab, spruce grove, st albert, and other surrounding areas.

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